Introduction - All About Huckleberries

A picture of huckleberry products in a store.Huckleberries - Most Americans have heard of them in some obscure way but you almost have to live in the northwestern United States to see that they are very real products of nature. The huckleberry belongs to the same family of fruits as blueberries, but huckleberries only grow properly at altitudes starting around 2,000 feet above sea level. Despite ongoing research no one has yet found a way to cultivate huckleberries for agricultural production.

Huckleberry Products - If you search the Web you will find products like hucklebery jam. You can buy huckleberry products in some stores, even some major grocery stores in the northwestern United States. However, huckelberry production is expensive and there are probably not enough huckleberries harvested in any year to distribute them nationally.

For that reason, huckelberry products make great gifts to friends and relatives who don't live in the northwestern United States. You can usually find stores to buy huckleberry products throughout Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon -- all states where huckleberries grow in the wild.

This site provides a couple of old huckleberry recipes I found. I don't know how good they are as I am more used to the modern huckleberry products. You'll also find some huckleberry links on the resources page. Happy hunting.


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